Aug 13, 2010

Craig's List Pets Section

You know how you see those bored housewife type characters in t.v. shows, and they're always reading trashy romance novels or watching soap operas?

That's me, except that instead of soaps or romance novels, I faithfully read the Craig's List pet section every day, several times a day.  Why?  I'm not sure.  I already have two cats and a dog.  Getting another dog would effectively reduce the chance of my ever getting married to about .5% while raising my chances of becoming a dog soccer mom to 99.9%.

While occasionally I do come across some awesome Australian Shepherd dogs, I have found that most people breeding dogs and selling the pups have awesome creative writing skills.  This leads to some fabulous ads, of which I will now share the highlights. (Please go to the bottom if you cannot decode these.*)

Gotti Line Blue Baby Pet Bulls: $400.  Excellent with kids, dogs, and other animals.  Very playful.

Purebred Sharpies: $250.  Super cute and love to be held.

Mini Datsun: I must rehome my mini datsun.  He makes too much noise and I can't have him in my small apartment.

Miniture Pitcher:  Rehoming my 8 week old miniture pitcher.  $300 obo to good home only.

Sherman Shepherds: AKC registered, father is from working line, $500

While the ad itself is not that hilarious, you'd think if you were selling AKC anything from excellent lines, you'd know how to correctly write the name of the breed.

Baby Shiatsu: Baby shiatsus are now available.

( shiatsu = forceful, deep tissue massage. Therefore, baby shiatsus = bad idea)

Rock Waller:  I need to rehome my two year old Rock.  He is black and tan very muscular and very pertective.  He his too big for my apartment now and needs a backyard.

(This one did take me a while to figure out, by the way.)

Labor Doddle: Great with kids, cute face, 65 lbs.
 (I thought and thought, but I had no idea how to illustrate this one.  It's hilarious, but it's hard to pinpoint why.  It just is.  Trust me.)

Then, we have a host of ads for a family of small dogs.  We have chigugas, tea-cup chigwagwas, chihuhas, chiwawas, apple-head chiguhas, etc.  I think these dogs are all related...

The saddest thing on Craig's List, though, is the large amount of lost dogs listed there.  These dogs are always found "wondering around" and are always very "skiddish."  If I had to guess, I would think they are probably wondering why they keep skidding so much.  That just can't be comfortable.

* blue pit bulls, purebred shar pei, miniature dachshunds, miniature pinschers, German Shepherds, baby shih tzus, rottweiler, labradoodle, chihuahuas, wandering, skittish

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